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Say hello to a fresh 18 year old. With such an adorable face we wonder how she stuck that whole 9 inch cock in her mouth. She gets her pussy slammed and swallows a big cumshot.

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Rating 5/5 In the official description of the scene it says that Sidney actually was a "bikini model and worked all over Spain and Italy". Although these statements are often just supposed to attract attention, this time it could be true. Sidney is so unbelievably hot that it's hard to believe she does hardcore porn. She is a 18 year old slim brunette with tanned skin, a gorgeous face (definately even without the perfect make-up) and cute teen physique. To underline her original profession Sidney wears some kind of toweling beach wear, but to leave no doubt what she is here for, it gets pulled down quickly. This reveals a perfectly shaved camel toe that unevitably reminds one of Give Me Pink. After the introduction, the hero of the scene appears. He doesn't waste any time and makes her blow him. Sidney starts to suck cautiously but it's ovious that she hasn't got too much experience so the guy grabs her head and face-fucks her. Whenever Sidney turns her face to the camera and therefore directly looks into your face you'll know what you love porn for. These are some unforgettable moments. The stud straightens out that there is no special treatment for any girl, holds her nose during the action and shows no mercy while slamming his massive cock into her sweet mouth. After this rough treatment she realises that timidity won't bring her anywhere and gets a bit more active. But this wasn't a Tamed Teens scene without some serious fucking! Sidney is led to the couch, where the guy lubes her up and prepares her pussy by putting his and her fingers inside. When he decides that she is ready for cock he begins fucking her doggy-style. The performer and the cameraman do a great job giving us a perfect view of her pussy and face at the same time. In my eyes, the desperate look on Sidney's face while she is penetrated by a huge cock makes this scene special. After a short break to clean the stud's cock in her mouth, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl and soon puts her feet around his balls. This is just one of several interesting variations of well-known positions. I love the way Sidney is still mounted while changing positions from cowgirl to missionary. Afterwards they perform spoon, which gives us some more super sexy facial expressions of hers, and finally she gets it from behind while lying. In the end, she receives his load and bravely swallows it although she apparently doesn't like the taste. This scene takes a great part of its fascination from the inexperienced and shy behaviour of Sidney as the mission of the Tamed Teens crew is to tame snobbish teen bitches and teach them how to fuck. "Famous bikini model" Sidney is just the perfect match. Unfortunately, it seems as if this scene doesn't get the attention it deserves. The only bad thing I can think of is the fact that there isn't any anal in the scene, but after all there has to be something left for her second time at TT. I'm really looking forward to that day!


“Sidney” Face: B Body: B Charm: C Sex: B (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: pussy farts (yeah!) in great doggy action 08:45 Ok. I watched this flick from start to finish and I felt I was definitely watching hot sex, but nothing in this vid makes it stand out from the rest of the great work on this site. There was a lot of hot “Tamed Teen” action, i.e rough sex where the male DOMINATES the chick and she is reduced to squealing and taking it any way she gets it. In this role, Sidney fits the bill nicely. She is cute, (not the hottest girl I’ve seen on Perfect Gonzo’s sites but very cute nonetheless) mysterious, and her shyness (she never spoke) was somewhat of a plus. Her body is petite, skinny and au natural. She was almost like a deer in headlights – I could sense she was inexperienced and unsure of how to perform in this scene, so she just took the dick as it came. She fits the bill of the kind of teen that needed taming – so I can’t really complain I guess I liked how the movie began – with her bent over with only her ass and her legs visible. This imagery basically reduces her to a piece of meat waiting to be manhandled. At 07:15 a nice big gob of lube is squirted on her anus, and from here on her ass is nice and oily. She takes it from behind in her pussy, we see some nice gaping shots of her pussy hole, and we hear pussy farts! Kind of unusual, but I’m sure there are other sites devoted to the art of the pussy fart so I’m sure this aspect will appeal to some of you out there (there’s a site for everything nowadays, right?). Later (11:30) we get some blowjob action, some reverse cowgirl, and some cowgirl (I liked the angle at 18:05 – we get a nice shot of her petite body in whole as she rides cowgirl while some fingers are being shoved in her mouth and she’s gagging). At 23:21 we get an interesting angle where we see her getting nailed from the side with the utter look of exhaustion on her sweaty face. This girl’s a trooper. No anal though– she closes the scene with a lone smile (finally, she looks like she’s having fun) before taking a load down the hatch. Amongst other company this scene would have rated higher, but I’m getting used to these types of scenes and I’m interested in seeing more than just a mute performance from the chick. -Scene Doc


This is one of my top films, and it doesn't even include anal! We start the film with a shot of Sidney's feet in nice heels, and the camera zooms up to her ass, which the director is already playing with. She has on a nice yellow beach-towel like short short dress, and our cameraman bangs her for us. She turns around and pulls down her bottom to play with her clit a bit, then kneels down to wait for her cock tome come around. The stud comes in, and he has a BIG cock. I think Sidney is astounded by it, because the guy has to snap his fingers in front of her to get her acknowledgement. He then starts ramming his big tool down this teen's throat, and it's a lovely sight to behold, that huge cock banging it's way into her tiny mouth. Sidney is not going too deep, so the guy grabs her by the back of the head and pushes it in further, and she gags a bit, very sexy. As the BJ continues, more gagging and saliva, and this whore's eyes start watering. This is pure smut, and I love it. The stud then tells Sidney to lick his balls, which she does obediently. The shot used here is excellent, and adds to the heat of the scene. Wonderful BJ scene. Sidney is then on all fours, and the guy pulls aside her panties and spits on her ass. Sidney then fingers herself at the guy's behest, before he shoves his massive dong right into her doggy style. Sidney has clearly never had a cock this big, as her facial expressions shows some discomfort. The guy pounds her hard, her eyes here are so sexy, it's like she's realizing this is for real, and she better get used to taking big dicks in her tight pussy. He then gets her to suck him foir a bit of P2M. Then they are in reverse cowgirl, and the foot fixationists among us get a treat as the guy positions her feet in the shot so they caress his balls. Very nice feet, even more reason to love this girl. Sidney the whole time has a kind of pained expression on her face, and I can't blame her with the cock she's taking, but it makes it all the hotter. She jumps off his cock and sucks it for some more pussy to mouth, and licks his balls too. They do some nice cowgirl with him holding her arms back and putting his fingers in her mouth, then switch to mish. He fucks her so hard in mish, so fast, then pulls out and shoves his cock down her throat. Then we get the best position of the scene, in spoon. He is nailing her, and her face shows just how much pain she's in. Imagine if she taking this cock up the ass! We can only dream. After a bit more lying down doggie, Sidney is on her knees showing us her gaping mouth. The stud deposits a decent load into her mouth, which she swallows up, gagging yet again. Wow, what a scene. These are exactly the type of girls we should see on TamedTeens. Young girls who clearly look like this is one of their first shoots. Sidney had an air of discomfort about her while getting ferocious,ized, but that adds to the sexiness of the scene, and makes it more real. I hope we see more of her, especially for some anal excursions, this girl has big time potential. Rating: 9.5/10 (only reason I don't give it perfect is because of no anal, but this is a top, top scene nevertheless).