Added September 18, 2007

This one is for the books! Sandra is hanging upside down hanging from the ceiling while sucking cocks! She gets the whole works: Anal, DP and three shots to chow down!

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Art & Addons piercing Body Type skinny Breasts round small Butt apple Clothes costume high heels lingerie skirt Cumshot swallowing - multiple Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type baby face Fetish anal gaping ass to mouth eye contact tittie play Furniture sofa Hair long - straight Hair color dark Location living room outdoors Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl dp - cowgirl reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Sex anal blowjob - single deep throat double penetration throat fucking vaginal Skin tone medium Tease boob flashing butt flashing flirting

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This bitch is one of the hottest whores I've ever seen. I love her snobby, bitchy face. What a true cunt! The guys call her out for what she truly is. They call her a bitch, and a cock-sucking slut. Then they fuck her brains out and blow their loads in her filthy mouth. She swallows it all down and goes home with a belly full of cum. Dumb bitch.


Sandra is simply one of my favorite turn ons! Sandra has that "I know I'm hot and sexy" look about her -combined with that "sweet look" she putts on to cover up the fact that she is a right little nasty, gold digging, self centered dumb cunt -and that makes her just perfect!!!. This makes it simply super enjoyable to see her slapped around, choking on cock and get cock shoved up her asshole. Sandra has that "certain look" that just makes me want to see a whole football team power slam her in the ass with over sized cocks non stop. -cos that is what I want to see: the look on her face when she has had more than enough in the ass -until her bitchy facade all gone while big cocks ferocious,ly hammer it up her bitchy ass. But I guess we will never have the pure joy of seeing that ( just like I would like to see Gitta Blond get fucked ) - and thats just to bad.... Damn ( all this goes for the most of the hot young sluts here to state the obvious -but it applies to Sandra especially! (and Ellie also - To see her get it MEGA rough and hard up her bimbo ass would be a pleasure.) Demander


There is not too much to add as there are already two (although pretty short) reviews for this scene, but I think it is important that this scene gets a lot of attention. Why is this scene special ? Tamed Teens is, like the name suggests, about taming (sweet, innocent) teens. But in my opinion it is not sufficient to have a number of guys using every hole of a girl's body. What really distinguishes this site is the tightening and docile part that never exceeds certain limits. The scene is truly inspiring as it introduces completely new procedures without becoming really humiliating for the girl. One can see throughout the whole scene that this is professional work and the girl is treated as a person, not an object.


Wow!!! We have some innovation in this scene. It starts in a public park with beautiful Sandra wearing a shirt and mini-skirt. She talks to the camera man while she walks and shows us her body. Then they move to the streets of what it seems to be an Easter Europe city (that I don’t recognize). They are in the streets and there is people walking, trams passing by… and the director is telling Sandra how hard the three guys are gonna fuck her. But that’s not all, when we first she her in the apartment, she is suspended by the legs ready to suck some cocks: HOT. You gotta see her eyes during this part; she is doing a big effort. The rest of action it is like in the other greats Tamedteens scenes. Three fuck her very hard like there is no tomorrow. They start with her mouth, then the pussy and later the ass. Finally she gets the three hard cocks at the same time, one for each hole. To the end the scene she swallows the 3 cumshots. An excellent scene. 5/5. You must watch it.


This classy, sophisticated, tight-bodied whore with a sexy European accent provides just the right amount of moans, screams and squeals to reflect the reality that she is truly being man-handled. It's the innocent, sweet-looking babes that are the most fun to watch being degraded. The tightening portion of the scene is extremely hot, and a seriously welcome addition to the Tamed Teens repertoire. The helplessness she exudes while suspended is extremely sexy. This is a truly tamed bitch.