Added September 19, 2006

Mel gets an initiation that she will never forget. Our guys bang her pussy hard and then give her one of the biggest facials that we have ever seen.

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Those two guys are James and Titus, and they usually ejaculate like that in their scenes. Titus always ejaculates creamy white semen, perfect for facials (He's the star of most Cum for Cover movies) and James unloads a bigger volume (But more watery) in powerful shots.


These two studs deserve medals for cumming on her face like that! Don't know what they ate or when was the last time the ejaculated but the results are fucking amazing. Little Mel certainly became a cum puppet lol. Wow.


Mel does not look like a teen, but except the fact that she does not match the title of the series she is friggin hot. She smiles while the director introduces us to her body and continues this throughout the whole scene. Soon we see her pussy which looks a bit special due to the brown lips, but this just highlights the pink inner part. While she loses her neon green bikini before the action is taken to the next level, she keeps on some huge black leather boots. Probably there are people out there who like such things but for me this does not belong to Tamed Teens. It is a mistery why the guys pull a blue mask over her adorable face. If you feel like you had to do this, use one that looks like in the Rachel/Ruxy scene so that a part of her face remains visible. Or save this for the ugly girls :). Anyway, I am glad that she finishes the blowjob with an uncovered face. Afterwards, she gets fucked by two guys in cowgirl (regular and reverse), doggy style and spoon. Although the whole scene is above average, the most remarkable part is the facial. Lying on her back, Mel receives two loads of thick white cum. After this treatment her face looks as if she had acted in two Cum For Cover scenes without a cleaning break inbetween. Like Madball recently stated in the forum, the cumshot is an essential part of a movie. Please, whatever you gave those two studs to eat (eggs, protein shakes,...), keep it up! This is an adequate ending for a great Tamed Teens scene.