Leona & Destiny

Added May 20, 2008

We paired up these two cuties for a hard round of sex. The guys banged their brains out and blast their loads all over them.

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Destiny, Leanna Sweet

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Leona and Destiny are regulars to this family of websites. They have developed into some hardcore sluts that will give the ‘tamers’ a run for their money. They start off with some light lesbian action, but pursue it enthusiastically. The two girls compliment each other, light skinned and leggy Leona and dark skinned Destiny. Both have very tight bodies on the verge of being skinny. Two guys accept the challenge of taming these teens, though Destiny is technically 20. They try rough oral, of course, but these two porn veterans handle it well. May I remind you these girls have both been subjected to Tamed Teens.com and weathered the storm? No one is getting trained today, except perhaps the men. They go through their various positions. I must complain again. Two dudes and two chicks fucking in the same room is not necessarily four people fucking each other. It’s more like college. With such beautiful girl-girl action at the beginning and after the cumshots, one would hope to get more of this during the body of the video. At the very least have one pair doing doggy style and one doing missionary, then merge the two like Tetris. Don’t take my rant as a sign of disapproval. Overall, the video has strength, a real keeper. By the way, the only lesson learned at this ‘taming’ is next time; bring reindrivements for these two hardcore sluts. I love you girls! Pros: L and D are really coming into their craft. No pun intended. Cons: Though a great scene, an inadequate ‘taming’. My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ