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Kate is a sexy teen ready for her first hard fucking at Tamedteens. Our guys destroy her pussy and feed her two load of hot sperm.

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Katerina Cox is one of my favorite pornstars of all time. God I wish she could do more porn. Her voice . Is so hot and just hearing her moan as she’s getting pounded is just relaxing. I would love to get to know her more and I’d love to be with that great ass of her. Cause god do I wanna eat her out. Anyone know how to contact her?


I'm glad to finally get to enjoy so much gorgeous pink in Full HD. My hormons are jumping :-)


The debut shoot from Kate and what a debut it is! The decent selection of pictures of portray just one side of Kate but there’s more than meets the eye. She is an absolutely stunning girl. In my opinion one of most beautiful girls on the network – equipped with a very beautiful, cute face, long luscious legs, nice titties and of course a great ass. In short an ideal teen to be tamed. As mentioned she looks very sweet but and of course (goes without saying) damn sexy especially in a pink PVC two piece. But how does she perform? I emphasised her natural sweetness above, but as soon as the show begins Kate seems to morph into a super sexy girl. A bit of colour in her cheeks, a glazed set of eyes and bam! The dour Kate becomes a super sexy princess! At this point there’s not much to substantiate such claims. So let me explain. She begins with a decent blow bang. It’s a shame its over too quickly but she takes whatever the guys throw at her with a smile which seems to bring out her inner guy and a convincing blowjob eschews. The sex begins quite suddenly and while the guys take turns to pound her pussy, she obliges by giving the other more great head and with minimal encouragement from the lucky receiver. At this point it’s important to mention her seductive looks into the camera that she gives at times followed by her dopey-eyes rolling back with enjoyment are cherries amongst many on the cake. Some excellent cowgirl scenes are around the corner, and Kate takes things in her stride and this time the guys get a great ride. It’s a shame that the position changes occur too quickly just when the action is really getting started. Another great scene to look out for is the doggy style with a wide angle shot of Kate’s fantastic ass looking ever so appetising propped up in the air. It’s also her most vocal scene so far and her moaning again is a delight to listen to but the best scene on this note follows. Kate again making enticing looks into the camera is fucked to mind blowing vocal climaxes. Looking as ever stunning, mouth wide open awaiting two loads which she takes and swallows with her natural poise and charm, she finishes the scene with a unusual surprise. Verdict: 9.5/10