Added May 8, 2007

Ely is about to really get her holes rocked. She pops a ball out of her assole before getting assfucked and double penetrated. She swallows three big loads.

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Holy hell she gets fucked. Fast. And in anal too. Just how a TamedTeens video should be! She has a nice stretchy pussy which the camera guy doesn't hesitate in showing us. After a bit of finger action and the guys sticking a belt in her pussy which isn't that erotic, they try getting a ball out of her ass. We don't see them putting it in, and as she is trying to push it out all she manages to do is fart a bit. The guys then madly hunt around in her ass and pull out a shit covered ball which isn't nice. Anyway, besides that she is a great dick sucker with lots of spit coming out of her mouth. Her DP is great when she has a cock in each of her holes (ass, pussy and mouth). And she also swallows, which is great for a TamedTeens video. *** rating. The ball bit was gross.


Great scene, every bitch on TamedTeens should get this kind of treatment! The guys had a lot of fun with this whore, best was when the guy pulled out of her asshole just to pull her up by the hair and slap her hard across the face :D Would like to have seen more of this, they really need to take it further. Some good belt choking too, that's always cool to watch, we all hoped the scene would finish with some real hard abuse, but I'm sure there will be a lot more of that in future! If all the scenes go harder from here, I'm extending my membership for the whole year!:lol:


This is a very rough scene with nasty Ely, you realize that immediately, when she has fingers in her ass at the very begging of the movie. Then, she gets fucked very hard by three mad men. This scene has some of the craziest action I have ever seen in these sites. I have to say that poor Ely is humiliated and destroyed during the action (Deep throats 3 dicks, Anal, A2M, DP! She gets slapped, chocked, gagged), I don't know how she can resist that and be quiet at the same time. Congratulations to her !!!! The ping-pong ball moment is funny. We don't see them inserting it in the ass but we see one of the actors searching madly in her ass and finally the ball coming out with all the shit. :twisted::twisted::twisted: From the Tamedteens point of view this is a clear 5/5, but it you don't like crazy hard sex you won't like this scene.


This is probably what a Tamed Teens video is supposed to look like until the very end. Ely is a very cute young blonde with a tight body. She is dominated by two guys in the video but seems to enjoy it during the majority of the flick. The beginning of the video shows off Ely's nice body and cute face by featuring several insertions into her pussy and ass, most notably the tip of a tightening belt which is inserted into her pussy. I'm not into tightening but the interesting insertion works for me. But one guy's deep probing of her ass to remove a ping pong ball looks very uncomfortable! Keep those guys away from me! The warm up action includes choking, wide gapes, etc. but through most of it, Ely is a real trooper. About 16 minutes into the video, the studly duo endrives some no hands deep throating by Ely, and she looks mighty good taking the stiff rods deep into her pretty mouth until her makeup runs. Further abuse includes double vaginal, double penetration, spitting, slapping, choking, etc. Ely keeps up with these guys pretty well until they shoot their loads into her waiting mouth. She looks very good taking the loads but unfortunately starts coughing and can't seem to stop. The guys keep dominating her not giving her a chance to get over her cough. It makes for a somewhat disappointing ending to an otherwise good hard TamedTeens feature. Overall I really enjoyed Ely and hope she'll get another shot at an AssTraffic or TamedTeens video.