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ELLIE : 7/10 Good things first: Ellie is a REALLY hot, good looking bimbo -with a "wanna be pop star" look to her. Great! -and she says she's only 18 years old -OH YEAH! Her body looks firm and round in that natural young girl way I like. She has kind of fake blond hair - I really like girls who look a little fake because the want to look good. I other words just the type you want see get the full Tamed Teens treatment: Totally fucked in the ass with massive cocks. And the good news is that this scene is predominantly ANAL all the way! GOOD ADVICE: Make sure to download the picture sets as well -So that if you have two monitors or a big screen you can choose your favourite picture of the chick trying to look cute, and peek at it as she gets fucked up to pieces. The bad news is that the guys here are not really up for the job. Ellie is never really slapped around and called cheap slut or dumb whore. Ellie's hair is never pulled. And the face job is kind of sloppy, so we never get to the point where the cocks are getting drivefully shoved balls deep into her pretty mouth and down her throat for a longer stretch of time -so no chocking or gagging sounds are heard. And no tears ruining the makeup or twitching teen body as she tries to catch her breath and fend the cocks off for a second. this is of course quite disappointing to say the least. Anyway things pick up as the guys abandon the misfortunate throatfucking and turn to fuck her ass (ignoring her pussy and that's good) But again they never really get right. The guys never apply the required drive for a convincing and solid young-girl assfucking. The result is that Ellie is never really screaming and looks WAY to comfortable thru out the scene. And that's a bummer! My conclusion is that Ellie was never really Tamed here and got of way to easy! You should bring her back and let her have it for real: Regular face slapping and proper chocking next time. Bigger or more cocks and A LOT MORE drive applied should do the trick. Needles to say the action should be strictly ANAL and if DP is required make it double anal or just skip it. Regular DP (pussy/anal) is often a bummer because it takes away the focus from the straight up ass fucking - I'm sure TheAssMan will agree, right? -I like to know what cock is doing what, and why the girl is screaming when....... - So bring back this great looking bimbo and TAME her for good! PS: By normal xxx-adult standards this is of course a great flick with a great girl - don't get me wrong but it just doesn't cut here. dmander PPS: You RULE


Ellie is fingering her clit through her panties in doggie as this scene opens. She pulls aside her panties to show her ample pussy lips and tight asshole. She fingers her butthole a bit, then the director stands her up and fingers her ass, and pulls it out for her to taste. She and the cameraman take turns putting one finger up her ass for the next little while, before a stud shows up for some throatfucking. The stud lets Ellie do most of the sucking, then steps aside for his friend to come in. He gets things going, really ramming it down her throat. The guys give it to her good, letting her come up for air once in a while and spit lots. Lots of lots and spit, this girl chokes hard and gags! Eventually the guys get her in doggie and the stud puts it straight into anal, as Ellie sucks off the other dude. There's some excellent camerawork here, the shot of her getting her ass reamed while sucking the other guy off is wonderfully done. The doggie ends with the guy pulling out and getting her to suck the assjuice right of his cock. Ellie is then riding a cock in reverse cowgirl, also anally. We then get my fave tag team move, where the guy on the bottom pulls her up to gape her, allowing his friend to come in and ream her ass more! He then gets some more A2M action. Then we get some great DPs, both reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. Then we have a wonderful shot yet again, of Ellie in mish getting her ass destroyed. This is a close-up shot, gotta love it. We get a nice treat for the foot fixation guys, as by this point Ellie's boots are off, and we get a close-up of her nice soles while getting fucked! THANK YOU cameraman! The scene ends with each of the guys shooting decent loads which Ellie swallows gladly. Pretty good scene here, as usual, this is high-end gonzo material. Ellie could have been a bit more aggressive and into it, but that'll come with time. After all, she's just a teen!


Take a beautiful fresh, natural, blonde teen, add two horny guys, and you've got a great TamedTeens video! Ellie is a young, pretty blonde with a natural looking body. She has a cute face, nice sized breasts, and great ass. The video starts off with Ellie wearing white with knee-high boots, perched on a couch, ass in air, panties slightly off center, and one hand fingering her pussy, which has large fleshy pink folds. The cameraman bangs her, and she pulls her panties aside and slides a finger into her pretty little asshole. After some more of this great teasing and foreplay action, Ellie shows off her oral abilities, taking two cocks deep into her mouth, looking fantastic as she does so. About midway through the movie, one stud begins fucking her ass doggie style as she continues to suck the other guy's cock. She has a great ass, and her breasts have that great natural movement as she rocks with the fucking. When she switches to a reverse cowgirl position, we see how cleanly shaven her pussy is. Both her pussy and asshole are smooth, clean, beautiful pink! We also see a few nice gapes as the guys take turns plunging into her anal depths. So what's next? How about some double penetration action! At about 26:00 into the movie, we see how creamy her asshole is as one guy inserts his cock into her ass as the other plumbs her pussy. Don't miss the eye-contact she gives us at 26:15 as she is dp'd. Nice! This great video ends with two solid cumshots into her waiting mouth, one right after another. Who can blame them? This girl is hot! Ellie seems to relish the cum in her mouth, swishing it around in her mouth before she opens her mouth wide, proudly showing us what a good girl she is. A big smile creeps over her face as though she loves what she's done. Finally, she reminds us of what a great body she has, posing over us as she stands above the camera, then turning to show us her fantastic ass and clean pink pussy and ass. This is my favorite type of PerfectGonzo video: a pretty, natural young woman who loves sex, wants sex, and proudly uses her lovely body for the glories of sex. A little rough play but no hard choking, no hitting, no tears, and a sexy smile in the end. You lovers of humiliation may be disappointed, but regular guys who just like to enjoy a nice performance from a beautiful girl, this one's for you! 10/10 :D