Added July 24, 2007

Meet Blacky. She is a bubble butt teen that loves sex. This little thing gets the full Tamedteens treatment starting with deepthroating and ending with hard anal and DP.

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Black Angelica

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The first guy in the video is fucking disgusting... Putting his filthy toes in her mouth and treating her like a piece of shit, scumbag. The rest of the video wasn't bad but the asshole in the beginning kinda ruined it.


I liked the heels on her at the beginning of the scene. The heels got more likable as the scene progressed. Then as per usual you let Mugur take them off so he can lick her feet... and *just* when things were going so well.
If the heels are coming off in the middle of the scene, then don't put them on at all. Roth was right: no no no no, don't take em off - leave em on!

Maybe a *separate* site for the foot lickers is in order?


Classic TT scene where experienced studs are let loose on a young sexy teen. Blacky is drivefully sodomised by these two guys, it's most satisfying to see her discomfort as a fat cock stretches her asshole again and again! The throatfucking over the barstool is cool to watch as the bitch is treated like a piece of meat, her mouth is pumped just as hard as her butthole! Cool


Great STUFF!- 9/10 Oh Yeah - Blacky is a super hot teen bimbo with a great ass and sweet young girlie face. While on her back lying over two bar chairs Blacky gets totally face-fucked balls deep -the cock just hammering deep down her throat! -Fucking her sweet face just like a pussy. For the main part she gets fucked with drive up her ass in doggy and cowgirl while she screams and rolls her eyes. This scene is mainly ANAL- and DEEPTHROAT -Just the way it should be! - Maybe the guys are a little too gentle on the girl to make her really TAMED -some face slapping and chocking would have lifted this one in to total perfection. Anyway great stuff!! another must see.... Dmander


“Alt babe gets manhandled” Face:B Body: A Charm: A Sex: A (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: tattoo, hot alternative chick, throat gagging, some foot fixation action, anal Blacky is a 19 year old vixen with a beautiful butt, a tight body and proportionate fake tits. With her jet black hair in pigtails and a tattoo on the small of her back, she definitely has a “grunge” like alternative look to her – which makes her a welcome addition to the site. Blacky is eager to please, and in this Tamed Teens outing she gets passed around and manhandled in some imaginative ways and the intensity of the sex remains strong throughout. In the opening tease her body is admired while the males have her prance around, bend over, lay on a couch, and crawl. They then slowly shred clothes off her body, floss her ass with her thong, smack her ass, rub their balls in her face, and foot-fuck her mouth (yes, I said foot fuck her mouth). She’s not very vocal, but you can tell she enjoys being used like a piece of meat – and when a teen looks totally into this kind of sexual domination you know you are watching a good gonzo porn flick. At one point (07:40) she’s laying flat on bar stools while one of the guys fucks her mouth from above and the directors get a great shot of his balls smacking her face while she is being banged in the cheeks and gagging. He then spits in her mouth and keeps deep fucking her throat. This was a hot fucking scene. 13:20 Blacky gets ass fucked in the reverse cowgirl position and then performs an ass-to-mouth blowjob while one of the guys steps on her face. Wow. Kind of harsh, but again this isn’t Lace and Doily Teens. 16:32 She is bent over on a recliner while the guys fill her ass and mouth with cock. The director does a nice job with the angles in this sequence and we see a lot of her hot body while she is getting penetrated. 17:50 One of the guys sticks his big toe in her ass for a few seconds. Inventive! 21:30 There is some great anal doggy action here while she is getting throat fucked. 26:00 You know you expected it – the Blacky DP is short but sweet. 29:00 The scene ends with two minutes of blow jobs and two swallowed loads. I enjoyed this scene, and Blacky – while not the hottest looks-wise – is very cute and has a killer bod and a great attitude. The great camera work, along with her stellar performance, makes this scene a certifiable “A.” -Scene Doc


This is an excellent video. Read the great review by Simsvic. It's a high energy video, and Blacky takes the hard fucking with style. I liked that she plays with her pussy as she's waiting for the final cumshots. It shows that she's into it right to the end. This is an example of the best of TamedTeens! :D


Cute lil 19 year old Blacky has her sexy black hair in pigtails, with a chick pink hoodie and skirt. She's wearing open toed stripper shoes, and walks down the steps outside to greet us. I can tell from the get go I will dig this scene, she has the cute face and slender body I love, and I really dig the sultry dark-haired girls. The scene switches indoors, and the director bends her over to show off a great ass. She has on a great pair of pink panties that show off her cameltoe, and her tight butthole is barely hidden. Her skirt is off, and she lies down on her stomach over a lounging chair, as our director smacks her ass. She takes of her top to show off wonderful breasts. She crawls over to a sort of sofa, and after some more tease, a stud comes in and starts fingering her mouth. He then takes his foot and shoves it in her mouth! He then leans her back over the couch, with her head dangling off the edge, and proceeds to throatfuck her. This is great, great stuff, and nasty as hell. He really lets this teen have it. After a quick fade, we have Blacky on the floor, getting throatfucked, and we see that another guy has come into the scene as well. He starts fingering her pussy, then we get a new trick up TamedTeens sleeve, the GOLFBALL into the pussy! He puts it in all the way. Now, the scene fades out here, although it resumes in the same position, but it was clear she wasn't able to push the ball out. Remember guys that this is fantasy! Don't put anything into your girlfriend's pussys or asses if you don't have a way to get it out! The fucking starts in reverse cowgirl vaginal, as one guy pounds her as the other one throatfucks her. Then, the scene shifts and we get some reverse cowgirl anal, and Blacky's shoes have come off! Hooray for foot fixation fans! She puts her bare feet on the stud's knees as he plows her asshole. He pulls her up and stretches her ass to show off a decent gape. He fucks her ass some more and pulls her off and makes her suck his dick for some A2M. Throatfucking resumes, as she has her head dangling over a couch once again. They then put her stomach down on the lounge chair and nail her ass doggie style. We get good views of her feet here too. The doggie anal is hard, and great to watch, and goes on for a while. The next position we have is a cowgirl DP! They also do a reverse cowgirl DP, and both times they nail her hard as hell, this is a real pounding this girl is taking! Then comes my fave act, the reverse cowgirl anal, then the guy pulls her up, revealing her wide open asshole, for his friend to come in and nail her as well! Teamwork at its best. The scene ends with two decent pop shots into her mouth, which she swallows obediently. This is TamedTeens near its best. Rough sex, young girls, and anal poundings. True raincoater's material, and extremely well executed. Blacky is lovely. Rating: 9/10