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Adriana was in for a rough porn initiation in her first ever scene. We had two guys deepthroat her until she almost threw up and then fuck her tiny ass raw.

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She is so cute! Full of passion and joy. She really likes what she is doying and she is doing it well. Just like I di before meeting my love :) Sheis the type of girl that makes a guy do whatever she wants even if it seems different. I think all of you, boys would like to have a girl like her - wild tigger ;) when having sex and best friend when dating :) I would, if only i was a boy or lesbian :D Adriana - plesae don't change ;)


This beautiful babe gets fucked. 2 guys fuck her quick, hard and deep. And she likes it deep! It starts off with her on a sofa dressed in black looking very sexy. The camera guy talks to her and he shows us her ass. After some talking she shows us her sweet pussy which looks ace. After making her take off her panties and showing us her asshole and pussy together a medium sized clear butt plug goes in her hole, which makes her do a fairly smallish gape, then it gets stuck in her mouth which she loves to taste. She the gets a cock stuck in her mouth which she doesnt hesitate on sucking then a dick in the ass. She deepthroats and takes the cock in her ass balls deep. Then she goes onto suck both cocks with some ass-to-mouth. Throat fucking at it's best. Then she gets a fast and hard pussy penetration by one of the guys which she enjoys very much and loves taking it in deep. The guy absolutely pounds this girl, thrusting so hard. Then he goes straight into her asshole and he does the same! Then puts it straight in her mouth! Another guy comes up and fucks her sweet pussy whilst she is sucking the other guys cock. After some anal, vaginal, ass/vagina to-mouth, and cock sucking comes a DP! This girl loves it. And so do I. It looks so amazing. Hair pulling and very rough sex in the DP scene. Some wonderful anal sex scenes. Then, at the end of the video she takes two guys loads in her mouth, and swallows. At the very end she shows us her nice asshole agai for a final time and the camera guy slaps her ass. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Conclusion: Amazing. Wish this video was in HD and it soon will be! She is a beauty and loves her sex. You should download this video. There is something for everyone. 9/10


I have to confess a bias from the beginning: I love Adriana. The video could be her walking down some street in Prague for 20 minutes and I'd still get wood. Just keep that in mind. :D Anyways, the movie starts with the gorgeous, sexy and cute Adriana sitting with her incredibly long legs crossed on the couch. She's wearing red open toed shoes, a black shirt that says "Goddess" and a black mini skirt. She tells us she's 19 years old, from Romania. We then get the obligatory tease, as she shows off her great ass. She gets on the couch, pulls up her top to reveal her cute natural tits, and pulls aside her panties to expose her trimmed pussy. She rubs her clit a bit, then stands up to take off her panties, which the director picks up and puts over his camera lens. She gets on her knees and we get great shots of her cute teen asshole and pussy. The scene shifts, and we see Adriana with a clear buttplug right up her ass! You can see right inside there. A stud pulls it out to show off a nice little gape. He then massages it into her ass nice and slow, and pulls it out for her to taste. He puts it back all the way in her ass and starts fingering her pussy (2 fingers). He starts to shove it in a bit more drivefully, in and out, until he pulls it out and again makes Adriana taste her ass juice. As she finishes sucking off the butt plug, a hard cock comes out of nowhere for her to suck on instead! As she's doing that, our other stud takes good advantage of her distraction to start fucking her ass doggie style. They really start nailing this teenie, the guy in front is throatfucking her while the guy behind plows her ass hard. He pulls out and makes her do some A2M on his dick. We then get some double oral action, and Adriana is enjoying herself immensely, stroking and sucking with glee. They lie her stomach down on the couch with her head over the armrest, and ream her throat out. One guy chokes her a bit, and they really get rough here, which of course is how it should be. Adrian gets into mish and the guys take turns fucking her vaginal. Her shoes have already come off by this point, and we get some nice sole shots! One guy even pulls it out and gets a quickie footjob! Excellent stuff. He switches to her ass for some mish fucking, then we get a brief cowgirl anal followed by a cowgirl DP. More A2M, then some more sideways anal with some nice gapes thrown in for good measure, this girl is taking an anal pounding in this scene! We then see a reverse cowgirl DP, some more A2M, and then Adriana is on her knees, mouth open, looking cute as ever, waiting for some cum! The first guy plants a sizeable yet watery load into her mouth, excellent spurts of cum here. The next guy unfortunately can only get one spurt out into her mouth, not sure what happened to him, maybe he blew his load earlier off camera! Adriana opens her mouth wide as it goes to show us the cum, then swallows it down. She shows off her ass and the cameraman bangs her a couple of times before the scene fades out. As I said, Adriana is a sex goddess. The only thing that doesn't make this scene perfect is the weak cumshot from guy #2. Wonderful smut. Rating: 9.5/10