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Ahhh! A fresh ripe teen ready for fucking. There is nothing better than seeing this chicky get totally worked and banged to the maximum. She eats down a big load.

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Abigale is a German teen slut. She has a pretty face and looks happy in the beginning of the scene. But she is going to receive a hard sex session. After that I am sure she won't be so happy. The action is pretty rough with spitting and slapping, man ass licking, deepthorat and the electric drill+dildo. You can read SimVic's review for detailed information of the scene. Abigale keeps a great aptitude during all the action. Definitely, this is a great scene 9.9/10 (because there is no anal).


As this TamedTeens vid opens, Abigail is asked what her name is by the director. She responds "Ana", but our cameraman obviously doesn't hear, because he grabs her by the throoat and puts her down onto the couch and asks her again! What a great start! He pulls her up by the hair and positions her face down ass up on the couch. He bangs her a bit and spreads out her ass. He stands her up and chokes her some more, then gets her to put on a collar. He gets her on her knees face down on the ground as he pulls up on her collar, just like a little dog. He pushes her down into doggie again and pulls aside her pink panties; he starts fingering her twat with his thumb, pretty drivefully. He then brings out the POWER TOOLS. This looks like an electric drill, except there's a big dildo attached to it! When you press down on the trigger, the dildo rotates quickly, which is what happens when it's in Abigale's teen pussy. There's a brief shot of her sucking the dildo too, though it's not a continuous shot from the pussy fucking, so no confirming P2M here. After the drill dildo, we again get a closeup of her face, and the director slaps her, pulls her hair, then gets her on her back on the couch for some more fingering. The power drill comes back to fuck her some more in mish. Then we switch with the collar over her eyes, and her mouth wide open with her absolutely FANTASTIC tongue sticking out, a stud comes in, spits in her mouth, slaps her face, and shoves his cock right into her mouth! He grabs her hair and skullfucks this chick pretty good. She gets on her back as the guy stands over her and fucks her mouth while the director makes sure she can't move by holding her collar in place. Great shots of her looking right into the camera here, very hot. She then spreads the guy's ass cheeks apart and starts rimming him! What a slut! The director puts the collar over her eyes and the stud nails her mouth some more, and she rims him some more too, very very good stuff here. The stud starts finger her pussy while she's on her back, and then spits on her face. He pushes her down onto her back, spreads her legs wide apart, and starts fucking her in the pussy. He grabs her throat and kisses her a couple of times, spits on her again, and REALLY lets her have it. He is rocket fucking this chick. He pulls out and brings out the power drill again, puts it in her pussy and rotates it. We then a hugely sexy shot of the director choking Abigale in close-up. Her eye makeup is running like crazy, making her face a mess, but she seems to be enjoying it! The drill does some doggie action before making room for the real cocksman, who takes off all her clothes and resumes doggie vag. He gets her to suck on his toes a bit too, this girl is such a pig. They do cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and some spoon, before the stud starts fingering her hard, my guess is in the hopes of making her squirt, which doesn't happen, but she seems to be really into it! The scene switches, with cutie Abigail looking up at us, and answering in the affirmative when asked if she's "ready for some cum". She opens her mouth and takes a THICK load right in there, which she swallows. Thick loads are the best for swallowing. The director stands her up, puts the drill dildo in her mouth briefly, slaps her, chokes her and pushes her down onto the couch, thanking her for her time. This is great, hardcore rough sex. I love it. Rating: 9/10