Added November 21, 2006

We found this little tattooed and pierced slut at a punk concert at CBGB. She wanted some cock so we hooker her up. Two guys did a hard double vaginal penetration with her then came in her mouth.

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Marie is a punk-ish looking girl in a two-piece outfit and white boots who looks like she needs an attitude adjustment. I think she will be Tamed right now. The director pulls up her skirt to show off nice white lace panties, and chokes her a bit before putting her facedown on the floor. Marie says she likes to fuck "very strong". I guess we'll see if our boys can give it to her as hard as she wants. He spits in her mouth, then starts choking her, as Marie struggles to take a breath. He bangs her hard, and you can tell she loves it, this girl is a freak. She takes off her top, and he slaps her tits, which she also tells us is good. He grabs her hair and spits on her face again. She goes down on her stomach on the couch, and shows off her pussy and ass. He starts fingering her twat (2 fingers) briefly, before standing her up, choking her and applying a collar. He pulls the collar tight around her face, and Marie takes several deep breaths. There is great anticipation here, Marie seems a bit nervous, but I think she'll be into getting abused. She gets down on her knees and two guys start taking turns throatfucking this bitch. Each guy gets her to deepthroat him, then hold it there for 10 seconds as the director counts down, and one guy plugs her nose! They then get her on her back for some more skullfucking. They do the same thing again with the deepthroat plugged nose countdown. One guy from up top starts fucking her pussy as the other guy continues jamming his member down her throat. She then takes off her cloths, and her white boots, and starts riding a lucky stud cowgirl, while sucking off another. They do some nice reverse cowgirl, and the guy on the bottom pulls her off and up into the air telling his buddy to fuck her, which he does! Great shots of her soles her for you foot fixation freaks. They do some spoon and some mish, with some choking and spitting thrown in. Then we get a nice double vaginal! She's riding one guy, and the other guy comes in and shoves it into her twat as well. This girl can really fuck. One guy pulls out and gets her to tase her pussy off his dick. They switch to reverse cowgirl and also do a double vag. They then do some more mish, some spoon, somre more P2M, and some great standing doggie with a closeup of Marie's face before moving towards the money shots. The first guy blows two huge shots into her mouth, one is so strong it rebounds a bit onto his hand! When Marie opens her mouth there's a fair bit in there! The next guy blows a big watery load into her mouth, and then she swallows it all in one gulp. The director stands her up and asks her how she is, and she keeps on telling him her name! What a dumb girl. He pushes her onto the couch, and she is grabbing her throat a bit, I guess the cum didn't go down too well, haha. Lovely stuff as usual from the best site on here. Rough and rougher is the way to go. Let's see Marie take some anal, this girl needs it. Rating: 8.5/10